Aggressive Dog Training

Nosework with Andrew Ramsey

This new dog sport can be trained for any dog. Breed, size, and temperament doesn't matter when it comes to nosework training. This is because nosework is a completely positive training system.

Your dog doesn't need to have obedience training. Dogs with obedience training can still learn nosework too. Additionally, teaching nosework won't affect dogs who have trained for agility or competition obedience.

This training is 100% motivation. Corrections aren't given regardless of any level.

The nose work training techniques Andrew Ramsey uses are the same techniques that are used for narcotics and explosives. In nosework training, dogs will detect Birch, Aniseed, or Cloves as compared to working dogs who will detect narcotics and explosives.

Andrew Ramsey is an experienced trainer in military detection dogs. With the same techniques used at the Lackland Air Force Base in Texas, Ramsey has broken these training steps so that household pets can easily learn nose work and become a very good nosework dog.

Nose work has grown along the west coast and is still growing today. There is only one organization that holds official competitions but don't be surprised if another one evolves.

Nose work is a reward-based training system. Ramsey employs the same marker training techniques of Michael Ellis. For more on marker training, visit our site on Clicker Training. Rewards can vary from a toy to a tug to a soft training treat.