Aggressive Dog Training

Nosework is a new dog sport where individuals can train their household pet to detect legal odors. Any kind of dog no matter the breed, size, or temperament has the potential to be a great nosework dog. It is 100% motivational training and have absolutely no corrections at any level of work.

This website provides a variety of resources including DVDs, articles, and equipment for training your dog in nosework.


37 Minute Introduction
to Nosework

Nosework Demonstration

Urban Nosework

Nosework with Andrew Ramsey

Andrew Ramsey is a professional dog trainer who lives in the bay area of San Francisco and specializes in training nose work dogs and some police service dogs. His nosework training program is a reward based training system. This means the dog learns that if it finds and indicates on the desired odor it will get a high value reward. Which reward the dog gets depends on the individual dog. Some dogs like a tug, some dogs like a toy and some dogs work best for food.
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Leerburg Nosework Scent Kit

Food Delivery Device

Red Barn Meat Rolls

Scratch Box
$110.00 - $500.00

Black Spiral Tip Cotton Swabs

Fun Nosework For Dogs