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Scratch Box

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Product Description
This scratch box can be used for narcotics dog training, explosive dog training (Bomb Dogs) or accelerant dog training. It is designed after scratch boxes that are used in the Federal police dog schools in Holland. The Dutch are master of scent work. The DVD I produced on hard surface tracking was done in holland at Nuspeed and Rotterdam. The design for these boxes was first shown in these DVDs.

20" tall x 12" wide.

This designed has been successfully used by many trainers here in America. It is an excellent training tool that can be used to proof dogs off of odors in addition to locking dogs onto odors.

In this photo you can see a ball has been left inside the scratch box.
When there are no drugs in the box the dog is expected to ignore the ball.

The top view shows the PVC chute where a ball or drug toy can be dropped into the box
when the dog offers the correct behavior (IE a sit or scratch at the front).

This photo shows the washer that holds the shoot up. The PVC chute can either be up or down. When it is up, a toy can be dropped into the box and the dog can see it. When the shoot is down the toy can be inside the PVC and the dog cannot see it but he can smell it. The scratch boxes are also transported with the chute down.

This image shows the chute in the down position.

Tube drops down into the box for storage & shipping. This photo also shows the small holes that allow the drug odor to come out the front of the box.

The front panel is reversible so that when the box gets scratched up badly from training,
you can unscrew the panel and flip it around and have a virtually new box.

Holes to let scent through and the dog can see the drug toy after its been dropped
down the PVC chute. This will trigger a dogs indication.

Hooks on the back allow the drug box to be hung on a 2x4 or on a wall.

Back panel unscrews to reveal where drugs go.

This image shows where the narcotics are loaded in to the box.
This is a very very secure location fore the narcotics.
The dogs are not going to accidentally get into the drugs when this box is used.

The best application for these boxes is to have 5 to 7 boxes hung on walls or on 2x4 racks that you mount in a room.

These boxes can also be used to train accelerant dogs.